Week of action to defend Bradley Manning

The following is reposted BradleyManning.org. March Forward! is supporting these actions to free PFC Bradley Manning, who we regard as a hero for courageously putting himself at risk to expose war crimes committed by the officers and politicians destroying so many lives.

June 1st will mark the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of his trial. The June 1st Ft. Meade protest for Bradley Manning will be the largest action of our campaign! People across the nation (and the globe) will converge on Ft. Meade to stand up for the Army whistle-blower who risked everything to give the public real facts about our government’s wars in the Middle East and foreign policy worldwide.

Join Pentagon Papers whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg, LGBT activist US Army Lt. Dan Choi, former US diplomat US Army Col. Ann Wright (ret.), and former soldier Ethan McCord–who rescued the wounded children in the van in the Collateral Murder video—and hundreds of our supporters of heroic WikiLeaks whistle-blower Bradley Manning at Ft. Meade. Together we’ll make history.

Visit our new guide to transportation & lodging near Ft. Meade for help planning your trip.

International Events

Brisbane City, Queensland Australia -6/1
Sydney, NSW, Australia -6/1
Toronto, Canada -6/1
Heidelberg, Germany -6/1
Berlin, Germany -6/1
Cardiff, Cardiff -6/1
London, UK -6/1
Rome, Italy -6/1
Seoul City, South Korea -6/1-6/8

U.S. Events

Phoenix, AZ -6/7
Tucson, AZ -6/1
Dublin, CA -6/8
Los Angeles, CA -6/1
Montrose, CA -6/7
West Hollywood, CA -6/8
San Diego, CA -6/1
San Francisco, CA -6/1
Santa Cruz, CA -6/1
Hartford, CT -6/6
Tallahassee, FL -6/2
Tampa, FL -6/1
Tampa, FL -6/6
Des Moines, IA -6/5
Chicago, IL -6/3
Cambridge, MA -6/5
Boston, MA -6/1
Portland, ME -6/1
Minneapolis, MN -6/6
Honolulu, HI -6/1
Highland Park, NJ -6/1
Delmar, NY -6/3
Medford, OR -6/1
Toledo, OH -6/1
Toledo, OH -6/9
Seattle, WA -6/1


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