Veterans tell Fort Lewis soldiers: "You don't have to go to Afghanistan!"

Iraq war veterans hold a massive 50-foot banner outside the gates of Fort Lewis, for all incoming soldiers to see.

Video: interview with Mike Prysner
Interview with Iraq veteran on the deployment to Fort Lewis.

On the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan war, members of March Forward! and Veterans For Peace joined forces to bring the Our Lives, Our Rights campaign to Fort Lewis, where a brigade was set to deploy to Afghanistan in a matter of weeks, with the message "You don't have to go to Afghanistan!"

Veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam – including active-duty troops on Fort Lewis – spent over a week on a massive outreach and visibility campaign to deploying troops with information about the absurdity and immorality of going to Afghanistan, and information about their options to avert deployment.

Soldiers entering and exiting Fort Lewis were greeted by a giant 50-foot banner reading "We don't have to go to Afghanistan" everyday during the outreach campaign.

Thousands of Our Lives Our Rights leaflets were distributed everywhere on base, including here at the main base hospital.

Thousands of leaflets indicting of the war with information about resisting were distibuted all over Fort Lewis, in all of its barracks, post hospitals and soldier hang-outs. Areas surrounding the base were also targeted heavily with outreach. Over 1000 brightly-colored stickers were found all over the base and surrounding towns.

Several active-duty soldiers on Fort Lewis became active in the Our Lives Our Rights campaign, and the bold action recieved widespread coverage in the local press.

This mission to inspire and assist troops' resistance to the Afghanistan war is unprecedented, which mobilized over a dozen veterans and soldiers to make every service member on base aware of their right to resist, is an unprecedented initiative in the disasterous 11-year occupation. We plan to replicate this action at bases all over the country, targeting units with upcoming deployments.

Please donate now to help us launch another deployment to a U.S. military base. Support the movement of veterans and troops organizing against the Afghanistan war!


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