Veterans' appeal to National Guard: "Stand with Ferguson protesters, not the police!"

The National Guard has been used before to repress legitimate protests against racism
Ferguson police seen tearing down camera equipment after shooting tear gas at reporters
The police are undeniably using extreme violence on peaceful protesters, violating their constitutional rights

To our brothers and sisters in the Missouri National Guard:

We are writing to you as active-duty U.S. service members and veterans, most of us having served in the Iraq war.

You have a choice you can make right now.

The whole world is watching the Ferguson police with disgust. They killed an unarmed, college-bound Black youth in broad daylight, and subsequently responded to peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests with extreme violence and repression.

Countless constitutional and human rights violations by these police have been documented over the course of the Ferguson protests; from attacking and threatening journalists, to using tear gas against peaceful protesters, including children.

Now, Governor Nixon has again activated the National Guard to “support law enforcement.” But you don't have to follow their orders—you can stand with the protesters instead.

Our true duty

When we signed up, we swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

The police in Ferguson are violating that Constitution.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.

These laws are, as we are taught our entire lives, our most cherished Constitutional rights—the whole basis for the “freedom” we are told makes us the greatest country on Earth.

It is undeniable that the Ferguson police has used extreme violence against peaceful protesters, suppressing the right of the people to free speech and the freedom to assemble. They have attacked crowds, with children in them, with rubber bullets, sound cannons and tear gas. People have been mass arrested for simply being at the protest.

Freedom of the press has also been severely infringed upon by Ferguson police. Journalists have been arrested; photo evidence shows riot police firing tear gas directly at reporters and tearing down their camera equipment; Ferguson police have been caught on video threatening journalists with violence if they don’t leave, and declaring that they are not allowed in the protest area.

With such important and dramatic events unfolding, the right of the people in the United States to have the truth covered by the press is essential to any so-called democratic society.

The people have the right to protest. If we were truly honoring our oath, we would be in Ferguson to protect the protesters against the repression of their rights by the police.

We don’t just have a legal obligation, but a moral one

Clearly, we would be within our legal rights to refuse to help the Ferguson police unconstitutionally suppress these protests. But beyond the constitutional case, we have a moral obligation to refuse to participate.

The Ferguson police are treating this like a war. And we know that not all wars are just.

These protests have done something very important in our society: they have raised the deep issues we face of inequality, poverty, racism and police misconduct onto a national stage. It has turned public consciousness to these real problems that plague our society.

Do you really want to be part of suppressing those civilians raising all these important issues on the national stage?

Racist police brutality is a real issue in America

The autopsy of Michael Brown confirms at least five eye-witness accounts that the young man—who was not even suspected by Darren Wilson of any crime—was shot while he had his hands in the air.

Those of us in the military—especially with combat experience—knows that this flies in the face of any Rules of Engagement, and we know that it is completely ridiculous to believe that Darren Wilson feared for his life in anyway whatsoever.

Increasingly, the issue of rampant police brutality in America—most frequently by white officers against people of color, with an African American killed every 28 hours by police—is garnering more and more attention on a national and international scale.

Outrage by the community against the state's refusal to hold Darren Wilson accountable is entirely justified; the movement, led by Black youth, is a just movement.  

History is unfolding, with the whole world watching. You have a decision to make on which side of history to be on.

You will make history, one way or the other

If you take part in the suppression of the protests for Michael Brown, we will be enshrined in history just as the National Guard soldiers who followed their orders to attack and repress civil rights actions, union pickets and anti-war protests. History has not looked kindly on them.

But you have the chance to make a different kind of history.

Imagine the powerful impact it would have if you abandoned your posts and marched with the protesters.

That single action could have the biggest possible effect on the crisis in Ferguson and the larger issues it represents in the entire country. It could be a major turning point in the fight against racism, inequality and police abuse.

You wouldn’t be alone. There is a whole community of service members, veterans and civilian supporters who would defend your right to do so. And now, in this critical moment, we are urging you to exercise that right.

Justice for Mike Brown! Arrest Darren Wilson!

...add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service, and any deployments to [email protected]

This appeal is signed by:

Currently-serving U.S. troops:

Kourtney Mitchell, US Army, 2011-present
Christopher Kindred, VA Army National Guard, 2010-present
Sara Beining, US Army, 2004-present (Iraq war veteran)
Kelsa Pellettiere, US Army, 2009-present
Anonymous Air Force Technical Sergeant, 2000-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jhassier Laurentes, US Navy, 2013-present
Al Robinson III, US Army, 1999-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Lisa Wnek, US Air Force, 2009-2014 (Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
Annastasia Tobias, US Navy, 2011-Present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Aviles Martinez Jorge, US Army, 2010-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
D Wilson, US Army, 200-present (Iraq war veteran)
Ryan Morin, US Navy, 2013-present
Frank Williams, US Marines, 2012-Present 
David M Hodson, US Army, 2007-Present
Dewayne McClam, US Army, 2009-2014 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
James West, US Army, active duty
Kevin Hudson, US Navy, 2010-2014
Heather Stambaugh, US Army, 2013-present
Cambrea Castro, Army National Guard, 2013-present
D'Ascia S. Dorn, US Air Force, 2010-present
Avery Collins, US Navy, 2011-Present
James Wicks, Army National Guard, 2004-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Johnette Robertson, US Army Reserve, 2014-present
Jenniferlynn Bui, US Army, 2014-present
Samisoni Kauala Tulikihakau, US Army, 2011-Present
Travis McCurry, Army National Guard, 2010-present
Alexis Weber, US Air Force, 2012-present
Dustin M Reno, US Air Force, 2012-present
Steven Walser, US Army 2013 - present
Kathryn Lira, US Navy, 2012-present
Lindsey K. Scannella, US Army, 2011-present
Kamillah Hall, US Army & Army Reserves, 1996-2000 & 2009-present
Dylan Thompson, US Navy, 2013-present
Ashley Carter, US Army, 2006-Present (Iraq war veteran)
Richard Spitler, US Navy, 2008-Present
Anonymous Air Force Staff Sergeant, 2000-present (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran) 
Pauline Sedgewick, US Air Force, 2010-present
Mark Cave, US Army, 2001-present (Iraq war veteran)
Riley J Breton, US Air Force, 2013-Present
Ron Mcconnell, US Army, 2008-present (Iraq war veteran)
Courtney B. Dallon, US Army, 2011-Present
Dolan Bradberry, US Navy, 2011-present
Jones Travis, US Army, 2010-present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Justin Todd, US Army, 2009-2014 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Nia (Diggs) Howell, US Army, 1998 to 2014
Derek Tata, US Air Force, 2010-2014
Celicia Slafter, US Marines, 2005-2014 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Michael Poe, US Navy, 2010-2014
Caleb Swank, US Army, 2008-2014
Melly Paluay, US Army, 2007-2014 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jack L Keen, US Army, 1996-2014
Devin St.Pierre, US Army, 2010-2014Victor Pineda, Texas Army National Guard, 2010-Present  (Afghanistan war veteran)
Cory Prater, US Army, 2013-Present
Ashli Walker, US Army, 2008-Present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Marcus Steward, US Navy, 2010-Present
Jayson Morris, Minnesota Army National Guard, 2011-Present  
Chase Huffer, US Army, 2006-2014 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Beatrice Evans, US Navy, 2012-present
Duane Edwards, US Coast Guard, 2010-2014 
Mamie Simmons, US Navy, 2009-Present
Adrianna Jones, US Army Reserve, 2011-present
Austin Montoya, US Army, 2011-2014 (Afghanistan war veteran)
James Klitzka, US Army, 2013-present
Denzel Williams, US Navy, 2009-present
Kayela Lages, US Navy, 2011-Present
Demra A. Miller, US Army 2004-Present
Anonymous Interior Communications Electrician, US Navy, 2013-Present
Brandon Carter, US Navy, 2010-Present
Michael Williams, US Army, 1990-Present
Michael Smith-Antonides, Okla. Army National Guard 2008-Present (Afghanistan war veteran)
David L. Laster, US Navy & Navy Reseress, 2002-Present (Iraq war veteran)
Masn Bustion, US Navy Reserve, 2009-Present
Valdemar Ozuna III, Texas Army National Guard, 2009-Present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Marvin Johnson, US Army, 2001-2014 (Iraq war veteran)
Joann Miller, US Navy, 2009-2014
Anthony M. Wiley, US Navy, 2013-Present
Sara Schwartzberg, USAF PA National Guard, 2004-2014 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Maxwell Schutte, US Air Force, 2011-Present
Jamie Lee Martinez, US Navy, 2012-Present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Christian Solis, Kansas Army National Guard, 2005-Present (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jeremy Brooks, US Army National Guard, 2013-Present

Post-911 veterans:
Monique Salhab, US Army, 1997-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Margaret Stevens, US Army, 1997-2004
Chantelle Bateman, US Marines Reserve, 2003-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Mike Prysner, US Army, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Sean McCrea, US Marines, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
William Felton, US Army, 2005-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Kevin Benderman, US Army, 1987-1991 & 2000-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Alynn McLellan, US Army, 2008-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Danny Birmingham, US Army, 2009-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Adam Fuentes, US Navy, 2007-2012   
Ryan Endicott, US Marines, 2004-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
William Griffin, US Army, 2004-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Jason Cardenas, US Army, 2002-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Hart Viges, US Army, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
Ross Caputi, US Marines, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Camillo Mejia, US Army, 1995-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
James Circello, US Army, 2001-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Jayel Aheram, US Marines, 2006-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Miguel Colon, US Marines, 2001-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Wendy Barranco, US Army, 2003-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Sullivan, US Army, 2005-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Kristen Walston, US Navy, 1996-2003
Vincent Emanuele, US Marines, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Jeremy Berggren, US Marines, 1998-2004
Ken Braley, US Army, 2002-2005
Jessie Ryan, US Army, 2000-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Nick Kallio, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Joe Soel, US Army, 2006-2014 (Iraq war veteran)
Jami King, US Army, 2004-2005
Richard Stroder, US Marines, 2004-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Anonymous, US Army, 2005-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Jonathan Engle, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Amber Royster, US Navy, 2000-2006
Michael Downs, US Army, 1985-2009
Zollie Goodman, US Navy, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Kasey Keck, US Army (Iraq war veteran)
Curtis Sirmans, US Army, 2006-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Nelson Hanes, US Marines, 1994-2004 (Iraq war veteran)  
Clifton Hicks, US Army, 2003-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Aaron Myracle, US Army, 2002-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Kelvin Rodeo, US Navy, 2007-2011
Danilo Deocampo, US Navy, 1997 - 2003
Nate Yielding, Virginia Army National Guard 2001-2007, Maryland Air Guard 2007-2011
Aaron Myracle, Washington Army National Guard, 2002-2010
Damien Boyd, US Army, 2001-2014
Victor Agosto, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq War Veteran)
Alec Stevens, US Air Force, 1999-2008
Jason Mizula, US Army &US Coast Guard, 2002-2008 (Iraq War veteran)
Daniel Fargason, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
David A Meyer, US Air Force, 1979 - 2001
Lara Gale, US Army & Air Force Reserve , 1999-2006
Andrew Dyer, US Navy, 2001-2012
Gloria A, Downey, US Air Force, 2002 - 2009 (Iraq war veteran)
German Martinez, US Marines, 2010-2014
James Poteet, US Army & National Guard, 1993-2001
Carmine Matlock, US Air Force, 2005-2010
Maggie Martin, US Army, 2002-2006 (Iraq War Veteran)
Robert Howell, Illinois Air National Guard, 1999 to 2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Ian LaVallee, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Adam G. House, US Army, 2006-2010
Claire White, US Air Force, 2006-2012
Randall Mayhugh, US Army, 2003-2006
Jovanni Reyes, US Army, 1993-2005
Ramon Mejia, US Marines, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
Matt Stys, US Army & Penn. Army National Guard, 1990-1998, 2005-2009
Angela Hamnes, US Navy, 2001-2011
Joe Nunley, US Marines, 1997-2002
Justin Thompson, US Army, 2007-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Owen, US Army 2009-2013 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Brian Chang, US Army, 2009-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Patrick Brandt, US Army, 2004-2010 (Iraq & Afghanistan veteran)
Hugo J Salazar, USMC 2004-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Corrine Schurz, US Army & Army Reserve 1980-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Kristopher Harlos, US Army, 2005-2008, (Iraq war veteran)
Nolan R. Allen, US Navy, 2009-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Shawn J Gutierrez, US Army, 1994-2013
James Jessen, US Marines, 2009-2012
Marvin Garcia, US Army, 2002-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Dennis Bamberger, US Navy, 2001-2005
Curtis Pouliot-Alvarez, US Army, 2002-2005
Lewis Griffin, US Army & VA National Guard, 2000-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Chad A. Bowman, US Army, 1988-1993 & 2006-2010 (Gulf war & Iraq war veteran)
Talisha Fernandez, US Army, 2001-2005, (Iraq War Veteran)
Timothy Cunningham, US Army, 2006-2010
Kasey Gillihan, Army Nat'l Guard, 2006-2010
James B. Davis, US Navy, 1998-2007 (Iraq War Veteran)
D. Jackson CPL. US. Marine Corp 2004–2008  (Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran)
Robert Masters, US Marine Corps, 2008-2010
Chris Azary, US Marines, 2002-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Jacob Pennell, US Army, 2010-2012
Chantrice Rachal, US Air Force, 2001-2005
Linley Horne, US Marines, 2007-2011(Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
Mariano Morales, US Air Force, 2007-2013 (Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
Brittany Adams, US Army, 2010-2013
John R Jackson III, US Army, 2002-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Jimmie Sutterfield, US Army, 2000-2003
Thomas Burke Jr., US Marines, 2007-2011 (Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran)
Terell Douglas Williams, US Army, 2003-2010
Ross Zavoyna, US Army, 2008-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Rodrigo Barreto, US Navy, 2006-2010
Jasmine Suming, US Navy, 2004-2008
Reginald Howard, US Army, 1988-2001 (Gulf war veteran)
Justin Ellenbecker, US Army, 2000-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
David Leonard Cisewski, US Marine Corps, 2007-2011 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jeremy Caldwell, US Air Force & US Marines, 1996-2008
Everett Ware, US Army & Louisiana National Guard, 1996-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Joesph Sanford, US Army, 2008-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
David Boerst Jr, US Army, 2002-2007 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Chad Flannery, US Navy, 2000-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Timothy W. Cooper, US Army, 1997-2003
Nicole Onslow, US Army, 2000-2002
Abraham Farr, US Army, 2003-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Cesar Esquivel, US Navy, 2004-2011 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Michael Horton, US Army Reserve, 2000-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Laurelai Bailey, US Army, 1999-2008
Jesus Rascon, US Army National Guard, 2007-2013
Bruce Day, Missouri Army National Guard, 2002 to 2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Darren McClam, US Army & South Carolina Army National Guard, 2004-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Jillian Davis, US Army Reserves, 1997-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Shane Johnson , US Army, 1996-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Moore, US Air Force, 1985-2011 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jeff Dahmer, US Army, 2002-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Dorian Biberdorf, US Army (Afghanistan war veteran)
Daniel Marshall, US Navy, 2001-2007 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Katherine McKay, US Navy, 2006-2011
Bradford Curry, US Army, 2010-2013
Steven West, US Army, 2003-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Kent Alan Williams Jr, US Army & Army Reserves, 2000-2009
Noel Richey-Robertson, US Navy, 2003-2004
Christopher Perry, Missouri Army National Guard, 2006 - 2010
Heather Patterson, US Army, 2007-2011 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Nate A. DeGroff, US Air Force, 1993-2002
Victoria Chang, US Army, 2004-2011
Jarod Clayberg, US Army, 1999-2002 (Bosnia veteran)
Angela Conner, Alabama National Guard, 2006-2014 (Iraq war veteran)
Shaun Freudeman, US Army, 2002-2007
Robert Turner, US Air Force, 1995-1998 & US Army, 2006-2012
Eduard Wayne Hernandez, US Army, 2007-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Justin Toney, US Army, 2004-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Ricardo Moreno, US Marines, 2003-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Jose Gonzalez-Crespo, US Navy, 2006-2011
Eric Maestre, US Marines, 2002-2006
SGT Tong, US Army, 2006-2011 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Megan E. Smith, US Marines, 1997-2003
Branden Bohannon, US Marines, 2006-2010
David Brooks, US Navy, 1999-2007 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Brandi Givens, US Army, 2001-2003   (Iraq war vet)
Isaiah Givens, US Marines, 1998-2001  (Afghanistan war vet)
Brandon Hall, US Army, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Marvin Garcia, US Army, 2003-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Juan Hozan, US Army & Army Reserves, 1979-2005 (Gulf war veteran)
Roger Greenough, US Air Force, 2010 - 2012
Brian S. Wilson, US Marines, 2000-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Henry Journigan III, US Army, 2000-2003
DeAnna Eure, US Army, 2006-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Micheal Trahan, US Army, 2006-2009
Lindsay Poggemeyer, US Navy (Afghanistan war veteran)
Andrea Luna, US Navy, 1999-2004
Marc Manio, US Navy, 2008-2013
Kyle Johnson, US Army, 2008-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Miguel Martinez, US Army, 1998-2006
Rob Gager, US Army, 2006-2011
Matthew Schwartz, US Army, 2010-2012
Curtis Claspell, US Navy, 2001-2011 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Donald Stewart, US Army, 2005-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Jack Gebhart Jr, US Marines, (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Shandale Hall, US Army,  2003-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Jacob Fox, US Army, 2008-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Derick Caldwell, Special Operations, 2001-2003
Derrick j Martin, US Army, 2000-2006 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Donald William Hughes, US Army, 2008-2013 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Julius Shoulderblade, US Army, 2005-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Shawn Sarver, US Air Force, 2003-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Zachary Laporte, US Army, 2004-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Steven Spencer, US Air Force, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Diana Reinig, US Army, 1999-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Anna Bucci, US Army, 1999-2002
Anthony Morrone, US Air Force & Pittsburgh Air National Guard, 2003-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Thomas Allen, US Army, 2001-2004 (Iraq war veteran)
James Qualls, US Army, 2008-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Shane Freund, US Navy, 1997-2006
Steven Ortiz, US Army, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Dominic Dugas, US Army, 1996-2001
Jesus Marquez, US Marines, 2004-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Cory Hotka, US Army, 2003-2008
John G Franklin, US Air Force, 2004-2013  
Carl Fredricksen, US Air Force, 2007-2010
Ryan Smith, US Army, 2010-2014
Martha Simmons, US Army Reserves, 2001-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Bridgett B. Thomas, US Army, 1986-2011 (Bosnia veteran)
Andrew Bravo, US Marines, 2006-2010 (Iraq war veteran)
Christopher Parish, US Army, 2006-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Joshua Ward, US Army 2001-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Prince Campbell III, US Army, 1995-2001
Marc Randolph, US Navy, 1999 – 2003. 
Blake Billiot, US Navy, 2008-2013
Justin Lott, US Army, 1998-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Steven K. Aiken Jr., Army National Guard, 2002-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
James Barton III, US Army, 2007-2013 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Annie Hallman, US Army, 2002-2006
Cory Hotka, US Army, 2003-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Kiara Owens, US Air Force, 2011-2013
James Wescott, US Navy, 2006-2011
Jacob Kingzett, Ohio Army National Guard, 2011-2013
Robert Holliday,  US Army, 2002 -2008 (Iraq war veteran)
Sabrina Waller, US Navy, 1998-2003 (Kosovo veteran)
Amber Reaves, US Army, 2009-2013
Justin R. Wisniewski, US Marines 1999-2007.
Braulio Urbina, US Army, 2010-2013 (Afghanistan war veteran)
David Hines, US Marines, 2008-2012 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Nathan Williams, US Army 2003-2012, (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Christopher Muravez, US Army & Oregon National Guard, 2002-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Benjamin McHenry, US Marines, 1999-2003
James Klinzing, US Army, 2005-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Vanessa Smith, US Army, 2006-2007
Todd Saunders, US Army, 2003-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
William Knight, US Army, 2006-2013 (Iraq war veteran)  
Micah Stathis, US Army, 2003-2006
Michael Shaw, US Army, 2003
Emmagene Kaytlyn Cronin, Wisconsin Army National Guard Veteran, 2005-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Brett Trevellyan, US Army, 2009-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Dean Anonymous, United States Army, 2009-2012 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Lauren Smart, US Army, 1985-2005
Kenia Morrison, US Army, 2005-2009  (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Josue Lopez, US Army, 2009-2013
Antonio Smith, US Army, 1997-2001
Tara Seawright, Army National Guard, 2001-2004 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Joshua Simpson, US Army, 2001-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
Brody Lancour, US Army, 2005-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Celina Benoit, US Army, 2002-2005 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jared Mathews, US Army, 2007-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Paul Carr, NY Army National Guard, 1987-2001
Alexis Cruz Rivera, US Army, 2000-2013 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Damion Hyde, US Navy, 2002-2012
Heidi Wickersham, US Army National Guard, 2002-2008
Curtis Bressler, US Air Force, 1997-2007
Thomas Hooker, US Navy, 2006-2007
M. LeShawn Gamble, US Army, 2003-2006
Dalit Arkarath, US Marines, 2005-2009 (Iraq war veteran)
Matthew Tucker, US Army, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
SSgt Timothy Davis, US Air Force, 2006-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Melissa-Ann Nievera-Lozano,  US Army, 1997-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Robert J Taylor Jr, US Marines, 2011-2013
Kristen Meghan Edwards, US Air Force, 2002-2010
Shelley Hutchings, US Air Force, 2003-2009
Anthony Coldren, US Air Force,  2003-2010
Thonya N. Cook, US Army, 1994-2003
Robben Sanguinet US Navy, 2008-2012
Eva Spencer, US Army, 1979-2001
Jordan Bowie, US Army, 2003-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Amber Bobeldyk, US Navy, 2005-2009 (USS Nimitz)
Marcus Jenkins, US Army, 2001-2006 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Ann Barnhart, US Air Force, 2002-2004,
Bryan Main, US Navy, 2007-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Starritt, US Marines, 1997-2001
William James Beard II, US Marines, 2009-2014 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Kevin Johnson, US Army, 2002-2006 (Iraq war veteran)
David Tyler Bosquez, US Army, 2009-2013 (Afghanistan War Veteran)
Jacqueline Keavney Lader, US Marines, 2003-2008 (Iraq war veteran)
J. Hollembaek, US Marines, 2003-2009 (Iraq War Veteran)
Don Daniel, US Army, 1999-2003 (Kosovo veteran)
Dustin Bellamy, US Navy, 1998-2003
Melagro Wyckoff, US Army, 2006-2013 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Joshua Zeis, US Army, 2006-2013, (Iraq war veteran)
Tracy Hixon, US Army, 1981-2001
Keith Nagel, US Army Reserves, 1983-2003
Angela Hines, US Navy, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Jonathan Stottmann, US Coast Guard, 1997-2002
William W. Roscoe III, US Air Force, 1998-2004 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Lisa Ling, US Air Force, 1991-2012 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Tim Garza, US Marines, 2003-2007 (Iraq war veteran)
Andrew Swenson, US Army, 2009-2012 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Lance Nawahine, Army Florida National Guard, 2004-2008
Jacob Stoneking, US Army, 2007-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Matthew Dukarski, US Navy, 2006-2008
Micah Hewlett, US Marines, 2006-2012
Matthew R. McNew, US Army, 2007-2013 (Iraq war veteran)
Steven Compston, US Marines, 2003-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Gregory Popular, US Navy, 2008-2013
Kevin Felton, US Marine Corps, 2004-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Derek Williams II, US Navy, 2008-2012
Joshua Ganz, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, 2006-2011 (Iraq war veteran)
Kerri Peek, US Army (Iraq war veteran)
Jeremy G. Howerter, US Army, 1997-2001
Bradley Smith, Army National Guard, 2009-2013
John R Srader, US Navy, 1999-2006 (Iraq & Afghanistan war veteran)
Dale Lewis, US Navy, 2008 - 2013
Micah Ehler, US Army, 1997-2001
Jeffrey Miles, US Army, 2008-2012 (Afghanistan war veteran)
William Prempeh, US Air Force, 2009-2011
Axel S. Peebles, US Navy, 1993-2001.
Chris White, US Army, 2004-2012 (Iraq war veteran)
Michael Blessing, US Air Force, 2007-2010
Brian Jonker, US Army, 2001-2005 (Iraq war veteran)
Paul DeMoura, US Marines, 2009-2012 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Kristen Grigsby, Indiana Army National Guard, 2001-2009 (Afghanistan war veteran)
Jeff Camp, US Air Force, 2007-2011 (Iraq War Veteran)
William D Woods, US Marines, 1995-2001

...add your name to this open letter to the National Guard by emailing your name, branch and dates of service, and any deployments to [email protected]

Pre-911 veterans:
Otto Sampson, US Army (segregated unit), WWII veteran
Daniel Craig, US Army (Gulf war veteran)
Gerry Werhan, US Marines, 1971-1994 (Gulf war veteran)
Curt Schaiberger, US Army, 1987-1991 (Gulf War veteran)
Michael T. McPhearson, U.S. Army 1981-1992 (Gulf War Veteran)
Forrest Schmidt, US Army, 1994-2000
John Fortier, US Air Force, 1952-1955 (Korean war veteran)
Bill Perry, US Army, 1967-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Matt Dubuc, US Army, 1994-1997 (Bosnia veteran)
Sanfod Kelson, US Army, 1963-1966
Alexis Fectaeu, US Airforce, 22 years
Benny Harris, US Navy, 1973-1993
Eric Meyer, US Navy, 1967-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Victoria Marx, US Navy, 1969-1976 (Vietnam war veteran)
Charles SHelton, US Coast Guard, 1969-1972
Annzala Pitt, US Army, 9 years
Leonard Vernon, US Army, 1964-1966
Tom Adams, US Army, 1971-1973
Paul Appell, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Derrick Wilson, US Army, 6 years
Danny McGregor, US Navy, 21 years
Douglas Ryder, US Navy, 1964-1967 (Vietnam war veteran)
Arlene Edwards, US Army Nurse Corps, 1966-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Tommy Griffin, US Army, 1976-1999
Gary Lail, US Navy, 1964-1968
Selena Vincin, US Army, 1995-1997
Danny Fry, US Army, 1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Albert Sargis, US Marines, 1956-1962
Dave Logsdon, US Navy, 1966-1970
Ken Ashe, US Army, 1969-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Sven Pihl, US Navy, 1986-1990
William Holcomb, US Navy, 1946-1949
Daveed Williams, US Navy, 1987-1990
Nick Velvet, US Army, 1967-1969 (Vietnam war veteran)
Harold Donle, US Marines (Vietnam war veteran)
Paul Turner, US Air Force, 1981-1988
Jamie St. Clair, US Navy, 4 years
Allie Thorpe, US Navy, 4 years
Bill Graffam, US Navy (Korean war veteran)
Mike Madden, US Air Force, 1973-1979
Ron Arm, US Army, 1966-1971
Tarak Kauff, US Army, 1959-1962
Tom Palumbo, US Army, 1978-1993
Patrick McCann, US Air Force, 1970-1972
Mark Foreman, US Navy, 1966-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Gerry Condon, US Army, 1967-1975
Ron Arm, US Army, 1966-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Mike Budd, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Amos Sunshine, US Army, 1952-1955
Glenn Wright, US Air Force, 1962-1974
James Domenico, US Navy, 1973-1976
Janice Josephine Carney, U.S. Army 1969-1972 (Vietnam war veteran)
Russell Brown, US Marines, 1966-68
Priscilla J Leach, US Coast Guard Reserve, 1982-94
Ray Reese, US Marine Corps 1956-1962
Ray Albrecht, US Army, 1974 - 1977
Christopher G. Wales, USN, 1980-1986
Marlon Moore, US Navy, 1990-1999
James C. Branch, US Navy, 1985-1996
Thomas Easley, US Army, 1972-1974
Dennis Lambert, US Army, 1992-2000
Douglas A. Stuart, US Army, 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Gary E. May, US Marines, 1967-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Emanuele Vorso, US Air Force (Retired)
William Miniutti USMC 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
James Reagan Marcroft-Clark, US Marines, 1996-2000
Maxwell Burgess, US Navy, 1979-1984
April Adams, US Army, 1990-2000
Tom Palumbo, US Army & Reserves, 1978-1992
Russell Bates, US Navy, 1967-1970
Tariq Khan, US Air Force, 1996-2000
Paul Appell, US Army, 1968-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Reese Forbes, US Army, 1968-1970
Vernon Haltom, US Air Force, 1986-1992
George Waldman, US Air Force, 1960-1969
Carolyn Rowan, US Air Force, 1976-1978
Steven M Cross, US Army, 1970 – 1972 (Vietnam war veteran)
Michael Mangini, US Army, 1979-1983
Deston Denniston US Army, 1988-1990
Nate Goldshlag, US Army 1970-1972
M. Lara Hoke, US Navy, 1990-1994
Colin Jenkins, US Army, 1994-1998
Bill Mattis, US Marines, 1969 - 1971
Adolph L. Biel II, US Navy, Vietman Era
Aubrey Deloney, US Navy, 1996-2000
Charles Dean Pleasant Jr., US Air Force, 1972-1976
Jeannie Ramsey, US Navy, 1974-1976
George R. Jenkins, US Army, 1965-1967 (Vietnam war veteran)
Rick Blumhorst, US Army,1989-1995
Kevin L. Marsh, US Army & Army Reserve, 1989-1998 (Gulf War and Bosnia veteran)
Joe Norwood, US Marines, 1990-1994 (Gulf war veteran)
Brendan Oconnell, US Army, 1985-1987
Herman Jessie Mitchell Jr, US Marines, 1997-1998
Brian Hastey, US Marines, 1974-1978
Chuck Winant, US Army, 1968-1969, (Vietnam war veteran)
Cres Vellucci, U.S. Army, 1969-1971 (Vietnam war veteran)
Sam Adams, US Army, 1970-1972 (Vietnam War veteran)
Betty J. Turner, US Army, 1984-1999
Valerie Garnet , US Army, 1986-1992 (Gulf war veteran)
Maria C. Moe, CO & WA Army Nat'l Guard, 1993-2000
Sean Stovall, US Coast Guard, 1991-1997
Charles Fowler, US Army, 1988-1992 (Gulf war veteran)
David R. Thomas, US Air Force, 1964-1968 (Vietnam war veteran)
Jean-Claude Ponthieu, US Army, 1993-1997
Eugene Fitzgerald, PA Army National Guard, 1982-1988
Larry Fleisher, U.S. Army Reserve, 1962-1968
Samuel Wisner, US Army, 1988-1996 (Gulf war veteran)
Peter Pescheff, US Army, 1965-1967
Liam Curry, US Navy, 1984-1990
Whitney Graham, US Navy, 1984-2001
Charles McGhee, US Navy, 1967-1976  (Vietnam war veteran)
Ricardo V Staple, US Marine Corp, 1988-1992 (Gulf War Veteran)
Anthony Hood, US Army, 1980-1992 (Gulf war veteran)
Anthony G. Owens, US Navy, 1979-1999
John M. Horkulic, US Army, 1982-1990
Jim Hamman, US Air Force, 1979-1986
Bruce Baker, US Army, 1972-1976
Karl Falls, US Marines, 1981-1993 ( Gulf War veteran)
Tracy L Carver, US Navy, 1985-1990
Ricky D. Lawrence, US Army, 1979-1983
Roger Kluthe, US Navy, 1992-1995
Ernie Esquivel, US Army, 1971-1973 & 1979-1983
Robert Darrell, US Navy, 1986-1991 (Gulf war veteran)
Brian Everett, US Army, 1994-1998
Laura Potter, US Army, 1972-1975
Laurie McMonigle, US Air Force, 1978-1992 
Mark Robins, US Army, 1997-2001 
Melvin Laney, US Marines, 1972-1978
Sue Nugent, US Marines, 1979-1984
Bill Jackson, US Navy,1986-1989
Joseph Padiak, US Army, 1969-1970
Dan Harnish, PA Army National Guard, 1965-1971
Allen Learst, US Army, 1969-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Daryl Best, US Army,1977-1992
Willie Claiborne, US Army, 1978-1982
Cornell J Bryant , US Army 
Mark Joseph Runge, US Army, 1988-92 (Gulf war veteran)
George West Dudley, US Air Force, 1973-1979
Rolanda Lawlor, US Air Force, 1958-1961
Yvette Richardson, US Army, 1992-1997
Sean Ruiz, US Army, 1990-1994
Jameel Mubaarik, US Army, 1970- 1979  (Vietnam war veteran)
R. Jered Dawnne Gee, US Army, 1988-92 (Gulf war veteran)
Russ Nelson, US Army, 1973 – 1996 
David Drakeford, US Navy, 1963-1968  (Vietnam war veteran) 
Milton Willis, US Army, 1980-1983
Daniel Gilman, US Army, 1967-69
Ronald Bushnell, US Marines, 1976-1987
K.R. Osborn, US Army, 1972-1976
Richard Overfield, US Army, 1963-66
Brian Feldman, US Army 1953-1956 & US Air Force 1957-1959 (Korean war veteran)
Steve Perk, US Army, 1970-1973 (Vietnam war veteran)
Glen A Winfield, US Air Force, 1983-1987
Karl Dunkleberger, US Army, 1979-1994 (Gulf war veteran)
Maurice Viand, US Navy, 1965-1969
Wallace Pamies, US Navy, 1974-1978
Douglas Dodd, US Army Reserve & US Army, 1989-1990 & 1990-1994
Jared Smith, US Army, 1997-1999
Kenneth Brinson, US Navy, 1989-1993 (Gulf war veteran)
Robert W. Williams, US Army, 1990-1995
Heather O'Malley, US Army, 1995 - 2000
Bonnie L Harland, US Army, 1964-1967
Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) Edward Jacob Zeek, US Army (WWII and Korean war veteran)
Catherine Godwin, US Army, 1989-1995
Brenda Barton-Espino, US Navy, 1982-1986
Kevin Robinson, US Army, 1985-1987
Brenda Barton-Espino, US Navy
Charles R. Powell, US Air Force, 1961-1965
Mark Adams, US Navy, 1975-1981
Francisco Ancaya, US Air Force, 1988 - 1991
Edward Ulric Huguenin, US Army, 1967-1980
Melvin Zimmerman, US Navy, 1945-1946
Dana Trumann, US Coast Guard, 1977-1985
James Summers, US Navy, 1973-1977
Robert K. Howard, US Navy, 1982-1996
William Gish, US Army, 1968-1970 (Vietnam war veteran)
Yusuf Hadith, US Navy, 1966-70 (Vietnam war veteran)
Robert Morrill, US Navy, 1971-1975

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