The Rolling Stone's 'psych- ops' revelation

Lt. Gen. Caldwell

The author is a U.S. Army veteran and a member of March Forward!

The Rolling Stone released an article on Feb. 24 claiming that a team of soldiers from an Army Psychological Operations unit were ordered to manipulate U.S. senators into pouring even more funds into the continued illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. This article, with the sensationalist title “Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators,” went viral on the Internet, as if it were something new. But the Pentagon brass steering the actions of elected officials is nothing new.

The orders to deploy psy-ops soldiers on U.S. senators came from Lt. Gen. William Caldwell. This was nothing new for Caldwell. While serving as a Pentagon spokesperson for the war in Iraq, he pushed for using new psy-ops tactics to manipulate public opinion into supporting the wildly unpopular war. 

The article states, “Federal law forbids the military from practicing psy-ops on Americans.” But the Pentagon plays by its own rules, as always. The mainstream media’s unquestioning support for the wars, repeating talking points directly from the Pentagon and silencing any anti-war voices, is part of this propaganda machine.

U.S. senators do not need to be manipulated by psychological operations to support the wars. In fact, every single one of them already does. That is their job as stooges for Wall Street and Oil Giants. These recent revelations simply show the way things work in Washington: the generals preside over the White House. The Pentagon officers and civilian staff make the decisions and feed them to their loyal clients. When plans for the wars were first hatched in the war rooms, Congress lined up behind them. Decisions about the wars, about our lives and our tax dollars, are made behind closed doors.

We are kept out of such decisions. None of us got to vote on whether or not we would invade Afghanistan and Iraq. None of us get to vote on ending the wars. The only “voting” has been the millions of people over the years that have taken to the streets in protest. Public opinion is sharply against both wars. But they continue, because that is the will of the rich. So much for “democracy.”

This revelation also displays the level of disagreement within the establishment over the war in Afghanistan. The generals and politicians are 100 percent behind the use of the military to control resources and markets. However, there has been a high degree of in-fighting over the Afghan war, because the war is lost and cannot be won, and Washington is stumped about what to do to protect the image of the “invincible” superpower.

If the rich men want war, let them be the ones to die for it. 


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