Protest on the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan war!

Active-duty Marines in March Forward! lead anti-war march in Los Angeles.

For 11 years, the lives of U.S. troops and Afghan civilians have been thrown away in Wall Street’s quest to dominate the resource-rich region. Tens of thousands of Afghans and 2,000 U.S. troops are dead to advance corporate interests, under the guise of “self-defense.” Countless more will die if Washington is left to its own devices.

It is no longer any secret that the Afghan people refuse to live under occupation. The recent explosion of “insider attacks” show how deep the opposition to the U.S./NATO occupation runs. Recent dramatic attacks, like the devastating assault that breached the walls Camp Bastion (one of the largest, most fortified bases in Afghanistan), show how much the U.S. “surge” failed in its attempt to weaken resistance forces. The resistance has only grown stronger and more popular the longer foreign armies have remained occupying and killing.

Despite glaring admissions from the generals and politicians that their strategy for any type of “withdrawal” is a complete failure, they continue to throw bodies into the bloodbath because they don’t know what else to do. U.S. troops are being sent to kill and die in a war the politicians know is lost.

The Afghanistan war is just another front in the U.S. Empire’s attempt to control the entire region. The immoral war in Afghanistan is inextricably linked to U.S. aggression towards Iran, the new U.S. war in Libya, threats against Syria, the funding of the illegal and expanding occupation of Palestine, and the drone war carried out against impoverished people in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and beyond.

Maintaining this global empire comes from the pockets of students and working people in the United States. $2 billion a week is spent on the Afghanistan war alone. To pay the bill, this government guts our schools, communities, social services and health care. Young people are increasingly being pushed into military service as the only escape from poverty—and military recruiters are more than happy to entice poor and oppressed youth with false promises of a future, if they only risk life and limb in Afghanistan.

As the Pentagon’s military strategy is in severe crisis in Afghanistan, now is the time when mass action here in the United States can succeed in ending the war. If the war makers feel they can manage this level of death and destruction without much domestic backlash, lives will continue to be thrown away.

This is why March Forward! will join scores of progressive organizations around the country to mark the 11th anniversary of the war with a day of nationwide protest. In Los Angeles, March Forward! members will join with military families and students to shut down a major Army recruitment center. We urge all our members and supporters to be in the streets to mark the anniversary of the Afghanistan war.

Please see below to find an action near you. Click here to donate to support March Forward!'s work.

Find a protest near you to mark the
11th anniversary of the Afghanistan war:

Saturday, October 6

Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 6, 12 noon
March & Rally to shut down Army recruitment center
Hollywood & Highland
More info: - 213-251-1025

San Francisco, CA
Oct. 6, 12 noon
March & Rally
Powell & Market Sts.
More info: - 415-821-6545

Albuquerque, NM
Oct. 6, 2pm
UNM Bookstore
Central & Cornell
More info: [email protected]

Seattle, WA
Oct. 6, 11 am
Military recruiting center on 5th Ave NE near Northgate
More info: 206-568-1661 or [email protected]

Portland, OR
There is also an event in Portland on Oct. 7.
Oct. 6, 12noon-5pm
Rally and march
Shemanski Park (South Park Blocks at Salmon)
More info: 503-236-3065

Tulsa, AZ
Oct. 6, 12noon
Corner of 41st and Yale Ave.
More info: Sponsored by Tulsa Peace Fellowship

New York City, NY
There is also an event in NYC on Oct. 7.
Oct. 6, 12noon
Times Square, Military Recruiting Center
March to Union Square
More info: World Can't Wait at 866-973-4463

Boston, MA
Oct 6, 1:30pm
Park St.
Info: [email protected]

Philadelphia, PA
There is also an event in Philadelphia on Oct. 7.
Oct. 6
Details TBA
More info: Sponsored by Philadelphia Against War

Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 6, 1pm-4pm
East Liberty Presbytarian Church
116 South Highland Ave
More info:

Tampa, FL
There is also an event in Tampa on Oct. 7.
Oct. 6, 11:30am-2:30pm
Vigil, possible march to main gate of MacDill
Crosstown Mobil
3699 W. Gandy Blvd.
More info: 727-525-8769, [email protected]

Vancouver, Canada
Oct. 6, 1pm
Vancouver Art Gallery
Robson & Howe St
More info: 604-322-1764 or [email protected]

October 7

Portland, OR
There is also an event in Portland on Oct. 6.
Oct. 7, 12noon-5pm
PCC Cascade (N Albina and Killingsworth)
More info: 503-236-3065

Olympia, WA
Oct. 7, 1pm-6pm
Sylvester Park
Sponsored By: Olympia Fellowship of Reconciliation and others

Salt Lake City, UT
Oct. 7, 3pm-5pm
Salt Lake City & County Building
451 south State Street
More info: [email protected]

New York City, NY
There is also an event in NYC on Oct. 6.

Oct. 7, 4pm
125th St and Adam Clayton Powel Jr. Blvd in Harlem
More info: Sponsored by UNAC and others

Philadelphia, PA
There is also an event in Philadelphia on Oct. 6.
Oct. 7, 1pm
Vigil/Demonstration/Kite Flying
University of Pennsylvania
34th & Walnut Streets
More info: [email protected]

Columbus, OH
Oct. 7, 5pm
Vigil & Rally
OSU Main Entrance
15th Avenue and N. High St.
More info: [email protected]

Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 7, 1pm
March & Rally
Gather along the sidewalks at Hennepin and Lagoon Avenues in Uptown
March at 1:30pm to closing rally
More info: 612-522-1861 or 612-827-5364

Chicago, IL
Oct. 7, 3pm
Gather at Tribune Tower: 435 N. Michigan Ave.
March to Boeing headquarters
More info: [email protected]

Richmond, VA
Oct. 7, 6:30pm
Public forum at William Byrd Community House: 224 So. Cherry St.
Info: 804-644-5834, [email protected]

Talahassee, FL
Oct. 7, 12:30pm-2:30pm
400 Monroe St.
More info: Sponsored by Tallahassee Network for Justice and Peace and others

Tampa, FL
There is also an event in Tampa on Oct. 6.
Oct. 7, 11:30am-2:30pm
Vigil, possible march to main gate of MacDill
Crosstown Mobil
3699 W. Gandy Blvd.
More info: 727-525-8769, [email protected]

Hilton Head, SC
Oct. 7, 10:30am
Rt. 278 and Beach City Rd.
More info: Sponsored by Hilton Head For Peace

London, England
Oct. 7
Details TBA
Info: [email protected], 0207 561 9311

Islamabad, Pakistan
Oct. 7
Rally opposing drone attacks

Before October 6-7

Albany, NY
Oct. 3, 6pm-7pm
Vigil & Speak-Out
Dana Park at the intersection of Delaware Ave, Lark Street and Madison Ave
More info: 518-466-1192 or [email protected]

Teaneck, NJ
Oct. 3, 4:30pm-6pm
5pm rally/press conference
National Gaurd Armory
Teaneck Road and Liberty Road
Info: [email protected]

Sacramento, CA
Oct. 4, 11am
Protest and Rally
Quad Area, Sacramento State University (6000 J St)
Info: 707-227-9803, [email protected]

Detroit, MI
Oct. 5, 4pm-5:30pm

Entrance of Hart Plaza on Jefferson at Woodward Ave.
Info: [email protected]

Duluth, MN
Oct. 5, 6pm
Lake Ave. & Superior St, Downtown Duluth
More info: [email protected]

After October 6-7

Mankato, MN
Oct. 8, 11am-12:30pm
Outside of the Centennial Student Union at Minnesota State College
Info: [email protected]


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