Take Action for SSG Jared Hagemann—Make your voice heard at Ft. Lewis!

Ashley Joppa-Hagemann holds the memorial flyer from her husband's funeral (Photo: Elaine Thompson/AP)

Thanks to the help of thousands of supporters, the tragic case of Staff Sergeant Jared Hagemann is now known by millions across the country. Momentum around the case is building.

March Forward! is now asking all supporters to take just 30 seconds to send an email to the command at Ft. Lewis to keep up the pressure and win justice for SSG Hagemann. Click here to send an email today.

We have been working diligently to expose the criminal negligence in mental health care afforded to soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This negligence has led to a record-breaking epidemic of preventable suicides. Since our speak-out at Ft. Lewis, Washington last month, March Forward! has paid special attention to highlighting the case of SSG Jared Hagemann. His is a tragic story like so many others: begging for help, but given nothing but pills, notoriously substandard counseling, and more and more combat deployments. SSG Hagemann’s suicide was the fault of the U.S. Army. He had exhausted all possible options, and felt his only way of getting out of an eighth combat tour was taking his own life and leaving behind a wife and two young children.

We have been working with SSG Hagemann’s brave widow, Ashley, to make his case known in order to force the U.S. military to enact sweeping changes to the mental health system that is in shambles, and that is killing more soldiers than combat.

As a result, SSG Hagemann’s case has been covered widely in the press: featured in local and national media outlets, covered multiple times in the Army Times, received a special segment on Democracy Now!, and was even became an international story with major coverage in Japan. The widespread media coverage has put enormous pressure on the command at Ft. Lewis, forcing SSG Hagemann’s unit, the notorious 2/75 Ranger Regiment, to make a public comment.

Keep up the pressure

It is time to step-up our actions. We must keep up the pressure on the Ft. Lewis command. The investigation of SSG Hagemann’s death is still ongoing, and the Ft. Lewis command has admitted that the demands of our campaign have become factors in the investigation, putting those who denied SSG Hagemann care and forced him to deploy under the microscope. Your action today will keep up the pressure necessary for a just outcome.

We want the investigation to be concluded in a way that will give justice to the Hagemann family and punish those responsible for his tragic death. If this happens, it can impact the way the mental health system works for all soldiers at Ft. Lewis.

It is time to let the command at Ft. Lewis know that it is not just the media that is on their backs, but thousands of active-duty soldiers, veterans, military families, community members and supporters around the country.

Take action: Send an email today

This is a fight we can win, but only with your help. This week, we are encouraging everyone to flood the emails of the Inspector General at Ft. Lewis and the Public Relations official at 2/75 Ranger Regiment. With your help, we can strike fear into the generals who have been callously throwing away the lives of our family and friends for years. Together we can force a just outcome in this case and propel us towards victories throughout the entire U.S. military.

Please take just 30 seconds to send an email to the generals at Ft. Lewis. We have prepared a sample email that you can send, or feel free to write your own. Share it widely and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Click here to send an email today.

Let’s let the military brass know that we are fed up, and we will fight them tooth and nail until the lives of service members are treated as more than mere cannon fodder.


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