Press Alert: Veterans protesting lack of services kicked-out of Veterans Memorial Park on Veterans Day

For immediate release - November 11, 2011

Young Iraq and Afghanistan veterans marked Veterans Day by attempting to “occupy” the Veterans Memorial Park on the Veterans Administration grounds in Los Angeles (Wilshire Blvd).

They were conducting the action to draw attention to the inadequate services provided to veterans in Los Angeles—in particular, the recent scandal regarding misuse to VA property designated for homeless veterans.

Dozens of veterans gathered at the park. When they picked up signs reading “Veterans housing now”, in a peaceful assembly, they were immediately surrounded by dozens of police officers and ordered to leave the premises.

Participant and Iraq war veteran Michael Prysner recounted: “We were doing nothing but peacefully standing in a park that is supposed to be veterans’ property, as veterans on Veterans Day, simply asking that our fellow veterans be taken care of, instead of kicked to the curb by the mismanagement of the Los Angeles Veterans Administration. We were immediately surrounded by dozens of police officers and forced from the premises.”

To request an interview with participants email [email protected] or call 213-251-1025



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