Keep up the pressure on Fort Lewis

It has been nearly 6 months since SSG Jared Hagemann was left begging for help for PTSD, begging to be exempt from an 8th deployment to Afghanistan, feeling he was left with no other option than to take his own life.

The complete failure of his commanding officers, and the ineptitude of the mental health system at Fort Lewis, Wash., is responsible for SSG Hagemann’s death, as they are for the death of Sgt. Derrick Kirkland and the growing list of suicides at Fort Lewis.

Click here to send an email to your Senators and State Representatives demanding justice for SSG Hagemann and all GIs suffering from PTSD.

These deaths have not passed in silence—quite the opposite. In August of this year, during the March Forward! speak out at Fort Lewis, SSG Hagemann’s widow and Sgt. Kirkland’s mother stood just outside the base’s gates and accused the Army of murder. Fellow soldiers spoke out as well. Local, national, and international media turned the story into a nationwide scandal. The Fort Lewis command was silent.

March Forward! organized thousands of emails, letters and phone calls to the command at 2/75 Ranger Regiment and the commanding officer of the Fort Lewis mental health system, demanding an apology and drastic changes to fix the broken system treating PTSD. Still, the Fort Lewis command remains silent, as preventable suicides continue to mount.

If the Army officer corps, the Army mental health system and the Veterans’ Administration really cared about us, our friends and our families, then the epidemic of suicides, and the public outcry at these needless deaths, would warrant a response. They would take some sort of action a major problem. Yet, they continue to do nothing.

We must continue to put pressure on the chain of command at Fort Lewis, the entire U.S. military and Veterans Administration. With one click you can send an email to your Senators and State Representative to continue building that pressure.

This is just one part of the struggle. It is a struggle not only to win justice for those hundreds of thousands suffering from PTSD and the thousands who have been left to die, but to ensure that not one more service member is sent to be traumatized in these wars for the 1%, that the majority of people in and out of uniform oppose.

Justice for SSG Hagemann! Justice for Sgt. Kirkland! No more criminal negligence—no more endless war!


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