Another ‘non-combat’ soldier killed in combat in Iraq

A statement by March Forward!

On Dec. 8, Private First Class David Finch was killed by sniper fire in Numaniya, Iraq. He was 24 years old. He leaves behind a wife, parents and a sister.

His death comes just a couple weeks after Sergeant David Luff was killed in combat in Tikrit.

Additionally, since August—the month that the “end” of combat operations was announced—83 U.S. troops have been maimed and wounded in combat.

Despite the re-branding of the occupation, U.S. casualties are still a constant reality. Re-branding the occupation does not change the fact that the U.S. presence is still an illegal occupation to reap massive profits for banks, defense contractors and oil giants. Nor does it change the fact that U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians will continue to be killed, maimed and traumatized for nothing more than the enrichment of Wall Street.

Since the invasion in March 2003, U.S. troops have had the right to refuse to take part in what was defined at the Nuermberg trials as “the supreme crime against humanity, an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation.” Nearly 8 years later, it is a right we still have, and one we still have every reason to exercise.

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